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Get A Grip: How To Prevent Falls on Ice & Snow

2015-11-23 13:02:16

For most of us, snow is synonymous of end-of-the-year festivities and happiness like Thanksgivings and Christmas watching it covering our beautiful landscapes. It’s also a great entertaining time for kids making snowmen and having fun with snowball battles. On the downside, a winter with ice & snow can be really tricky and slippery for anyone walking outside. So, here are the top five tips to get a grip and prevent slip-ups and falls!


Running In Winter

2015-11-11 03:01:34

Running in winter is recommended, as it has health benefits and increases performances. Running on ice and snow is now possible so that you don’t fall. 


How To Restore CL Shoes

2015-11-05 04:50:29

Easiest and fastest way to restore the red bottom of your designer shoes. First trick, use vinegar to clean up the sole. So simple even a kid could do it. 


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