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Expert in cutting-edge innovative Anti-Slip shoe accessories for all kinds of slippery surfaces, expanded its core market to providing customers with innovative, useful and quality products found no where else than at

At, we believe we can make a difference and change people’s everyday life with a selection of meaningful and carefully designed items that can make life easier. We also love sharing new products that bring a competitive advantage over all other items already available on the market. Improving life quality is important to us, as we are excited to making customers satisfied. That’s exactly what has happened with our revolutionary ICY Anti-Slip Grips featuring removable ceramic pad outsoles, now #1 best-seller product that changed the way people walk on any slippery surface, allowing unmatched traction and grip.

We currently have four warehouses where our products are daily departing from: North America (United States), Europe (France), Asia (Thailand) and, Australia.

We hope we can make the difference!