Woman running on Icy snow

Don’t let winter stop you. Now, you can walk and run on ice while having a good grip.


First, let’s start by saying that the primary function of the human body is to walk and run using both legs. That’s one of the main reasons that differentiate us from apes. We learn to crawl as babies and instinctively our body feels the need to stand up and put a leg in front of the other, as our upper muscles in the back and our lower part in the quadriceps and gluteus need to grow to achieve their mature size. This evolution makes us stand up because our muscles are kind of pushing us up and extending our spine and legs vertically.


Fast forwarding, we love walking and running so much that we came up with competitions out of these natural activities, having said that scientifics have been reporting for decades that walking and running are good for health and can decrease stress.


Talking about competition, we were always fascinated to see how athletes perform so well. Dedication and hard work are essential qualities that define elite athletes. Science and technology take us to the next level. If we look at the running shoe history, we can notice many new features such as lightweight, shock absorption materials and comfort that have led us to witness unique individuals running 100 meters in less than 10 seconds so “easily”. Science brought us physiological improvements such as monitoring health conditions under intense workouts, chemical reactions that lead to faster muscle recovery and many other scientific discoveries that turn competitions into more dynamic.


With performance improvements in mind, we wondered how to create an innovative product that will change the way people live their passion. We noticed that people who love walking or running had to slow it down during the winter, as weather conditions are not optimal for outdoor activities. Two factors are mainly responsible for that activity decline: snow and ice.


So, the question became how to walk or run on snow/ice without slipping. There are many options out there that try to solve the question, but none of them are really good. Items such as ice cleats have really too heavy, not to mention they aren’t stable enough to use them for running.


We then created the Icy Anti-Slip Grips that are revolutionary non-slip sole guards that can be attached to virtually any shoes to provide users with better grip on snow, ice and slippery surfaces. The Icy protection soles feature ceramic front pads for durable and stable traction on anything slippery. They are so easy to use. You just need to put the front part of Icy over the toe of the shoe and pull it back over the heel.


The Icy Anti-Slip grips have been conceived with practicality and performance in mind. They are super lightweight. You can’t even feel the difference once attached to the shoes. They are large enough to offer the grip needed on slippery grounds. Icy is also very flexible, meaning that thanks to its thermo-plastic structure, it can be stretched and still provide the necessary fit so that it doesn’t fall off the shoes.


The other plus side of Icy anti-slip “crampons” is that they can be attached to any kind of shoes without altering the look of the shoes. You can use them for your outdoor athletic workouts or on the daily basis when the streets start to be slippery during winter, or even walking on oily parking lots.


Here’s a revolution. You just need to try Icy Anti-Slip Grips to love them. Don’t find any excuse to skip your winter outdoor workouts and activities. Just put Icy on and run Forrest, run!

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