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Ice & Snow Grips for Shoes introduces a selection of innovative Anti-Slip solutions for shoes to choose from depending on your needs that will give you traction on ice, snow and slippery surfaces.

Our first major innovation in the Ice industry Snow Grips industry is Icy™. Icy non-slip protection soles are definitely the first model designed for the city. Attach to virtually all styles of shoes, these anti-slip soles provide an innovative solution to walk with confidence on icy and snowy conditions. Easy to slip-on and off, Icy grips are built with ceramic pads to ensure stability and traction on slippery floors. With Icy anti-slip "crampons", you can keep them on when entering stores, bus and many other places.

Try our Country Runner™, if you need non-slip security grips on mid to heavy ice, snow, and muddy conditions. Made of a durable thermoplastic with six ground-gripping steel studs, Country Runner grips are stretchable second soles that make your winter walks and countryside hikes a lot safer.

Meet Xtreme+ ™ Ice Grips with Cleats. Suitable for extreme weather conditions. Xtreme+ crampon soles are conceived to provide traction and allow mobility under slippery circumstances. With 10 designed sharp nail spikes, Xtreme+ ice grips were originally created for Canadian postal workers.

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3 Item(s)