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Deluxe Pencil Dauber

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pencil dauber

Pencil Dauber for precision work.
Great for Applying Evenly Waxes, Polishes, Greases.
Helps Reach Small Areas.
Made of Silk Bristles (eco-friendly and long-lasting).
Natural Wood.
Provides Extra Grip and Control.
Keeps your hands clean.

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The Pencil Dauber is a brush used for applying shoe cream and shoe polish with precision while keeping hands clean.

The natural silk bristles allow to apply any shoe polishes and similar leather treatments evenly and to reach those areas you can’t easily access with you fingers. Its small size is perfect for travels and can fit in any toilet bag.

The Pencil Dauber Brush has a resistant wood allowing small areas to be targeted in comfort.


How To Use The Pencil Dauber?

Clean the shoes with a cleaning brush and cleaning lotion to get rid of the dust and dirt. By doing so, the leather opens up its pore so that it is ready for the absorption the shoe polish or shoe cream you are going to apply. Then, tap the stencil dauber on the shoe care product and apply it to the leather in circular motions so that the treatment can penetrate the leather, wrinkles of the shoe, design details and stitches.


How To Clean The Pencil Dauber Brush?

Hand-wash the dauber with warm water and a drop of dishwashing detergent. Rinse it thoroughly and let the bristles dry. 

Washing the Pencil Dauber after each and every use can be time-consuming though. If you don’t see yourself washing the brush after using it, we suggest you have two brushes. One for dark (black) shoes and the other for bright shoes in order to avoid color contamination and staining the shoes.

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