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Woly Professional Shoe Stretch Spray (50ml)

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The fastest way to stretch your shoes and make them comfortable without cracking the fabric!

Stretching Spray for leather, suede and nubuck shoes & boots.
Loosens out the fibers.
Fast absorption (works in minutes).
Can be used with a shoe stretcher.
Bottle of 50ml.
Made in Germany. 



Forget about homemade shoe stretching recipes like using a blow-dryer or pouring hot water inside the shoe too make it wider. Such methods don’t tell you that you will be likely to damage your shoes, crack the leather and/or permanently ruin the stiffener of the shoes.

There is a better way now to deal with shoes and boots that are too tight. Woly Professional Shoe Stretch Spray contains a special solution to stretch leather, suede and nubuck without causing damages to the shoes. It’s the best way out there to loosen out the fibers and make your shoes or boots comfortable in minutes. Plus, as opposed to other methods, you just need to spray onto the area you want to be stretched.

Woly Professional Shoe Spray can actually be used with a Shoe Stretcher to making the stretching process even easier and faster. It is made in Germany and can be found at high-end shoe designer stores. You can also find it here as we offer the best price!


How To Stretch Shoes with Woly Spray?

First, it is recommended to spray about 3 times the inside of the shoe onto the desired area. Then,  give it 3 to 4 sprays on the outside of the shoe from a distance of 4 inches.

Let the solution soak in for two minutes. After, place your foot inside the shoe to “shape” the sprayed area and stand up for one minute. Results vary based on material and its thickness. Repeat the spraying process 24 hours after the application until achieving the desired stretch.

For optimal results, use the spray with a shoe stretcher to give an extra push to the shoe and loosen the fibers more easily.

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