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Antibacterial Shoe Trees for Pointed Christian Louboutin Shoes

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black pointed foam shoe trees

Quality Shoe Trees for Christian Louboutin Shoes.
Designed for Pointed Shape Models (Loubie, So Kate, Pigalle, Decolette, and other pointy series).
Active Antibacterial Foam for Odor Control.
Easy To Slide In.
Absorb moisture and sweat. Keep shoes in their original shape wrinkle-free.
Fit also pointy designer shoes like Valentino Rockstud, Manolo Hangisi, and many more.
Lightweight. Washable.
One Size Fits All.



Why You Need Shoe Trees

Shoe trees are essential footwear accessories that keep your luxury heels in shape as they age. The last thing you want to see is having an ugly wrinkle on your gorgeous CL shoes. That completely destroys the amazing look and what you just invested into. Like wrinkles, there are many other deformities that both take away from the beauty and aesthetic of a brand-new beautiful heel and speeds up that deterioration process making its life shorter such as shoe deformation, water or sweat stains, hard wrinkles and, worst of all bacteria buildup that leads to horrible odors that make the shoe almost un-wearable.

The great thing is that all these issues can be combated with the use of shoe trees. In fact, this shoe tree can completely rejuvenate the life of your designer shoes and elongate them.

If you wear your CL shoes allday, it is recommended to put a shoe tree in as soon as you take them off and leave them 24 hours with the shoe tree in them, as it can absorb the excess of moisture and stretch out the leather reducing any hard wrinkles.

The other advantage of using our beautiful shoe trees for pointed shape designer shoes is reducing bad odors. Even though sweating is a natural process, letting bacteria buildup in your shoes can be dangerous, as it makes your shoes a breeding ground for bacteria that leads to horrible smells. The shoe tree for Louboutin shoes absorbs the sweat and moisture that builds-up from using the shoes day-to-day.

Foot shapes and ways we walk tend to deform leather. Leather softens overtime and starts to shape the foot of the wear and how the wear walks. A common example that leads to deformation is flat feet, which tend to sweep inwards while wearing heels. Our SHOE TREE helps your CL shoes return to their original silhouette and aesthetically pleasing.


How To Use Antibacterial Shoe Trees for Pointed Christian Louboutin Shoes?

1. Place immediately the shoe trees in your pointed CL heels (or other pointed designer shoes for women) right after taking your shoes off while leather is still moist and soft inside.

2. Slide the front part of the shoe tree in and gently push it in until it reaches the front end part of the shoe.

3. Position the tension spring coil against the heel of the shoe so that the ball touches the heel and the back of the insole at the same time.

4. To take the shoe tree off the shoe, repeat above directions backwards.


Tip: Insert the shoe tree in the shoe while cleaning and/or polishing your shoes so that the leather is extended and cleaning products can penetrate the leather more easily. It can also facilitate the cleaning process, as you can grab the tension spring coil just like a handle! 

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